Honda air flow filter

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Engines call for a certain amount of clean air to function adequately. Fresh air filtration systems stop dirt, particles and also other toxic contamination from stepping into the engine, allowing the engine to perform at the best condition by providing supply of air with the the very least amount of air level of resistance doable. The actual alternative phase to the air filter may be established to accommodate the consumption moment.

Overall Performance

Honda Genuine Fresh air Filters use an authentic viscous form of filter. Viscous type air cleanser elements possess a special essential oil used on the paper that guaranties outstanding overall performance:

Air intake efficiency remains high as there is minimal airflow resistance.

A proprietary filter material and structure mean the air filter has a long operating life.


Honda Genuine Fresh air Filters are actually formulated for you to acquire the maximum overall performance of every engine simply by assessing them for overall performance to accommodate the heat range, dust quality and surroundings of every specific area.