Fuel Filter

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Engines require clean up energy resource to work effectively. Fuel filters be an aid to get rid of dirt and also other pollutants from the fuel before delivering it to the car engine, this is importance to the particular overall performance and the lifetime of your automobile.

The suction filter removes large dirt and the fuel is then sucked into the fuel pump. The fuel is then filtered again by the fuel filter before being fed to the engine’s fuel injectors.
If the fuel filter becomes blocked, the amount of fuel sprayed by the fuel injectors decreases, or they may not even spray at all. When this happens, the engine may experience conditions similar to when the car runs out of fuel resulting in poor engine performance or acceleration.


When refuelling the car, fine dirt may enter the fuel tank when opening and closing the fuel cap and this can build up within the fuel filter, and cause it to become blocked.

The number of times the car is refuelled increases with mileage, so the fuel filter must be replaced regularly from maintenance scheduled mileage.